…and here we are.

Here is 40 Berkeley in Boston. A cheap (just like me) hostel in The Back Bay area. I wonder if there is a front bay? Anyway, 24 hours after waving seeyalayder to my family I stepped out into overcast Boston MA. I find it a strange experience. It all seems very familiar yet I’ve never made footfall in this town. My first impressions are  positive, reminding me of Melbourne (Some Sydneysiders may scoff at this). My digs are basic, teetering toward spartan but they are perfectly adequate for my time here. The streets surrounding appear to be crawling with cafes, delis, etc so I shan’t starve. Markets on tomorrow just down the road. I hope to pick up a shirt to replace the one I ripped in transit. Still unsure how. I guess this means farewell to an old favourite and hello to a new one.

For me air travel is a weird experience. It is akin to time travel. You walk in the door, wait a bit and then walk out again into a completely different world. You are isolated from the journey, unlike driving or even going by train. Just like a lift only it goes horizontal as well as vertical and you get movies instead of Muzak.

Hmmmm… sleepy.  Big day tomorrow!


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