And off we go…

It would appear that the best way to make air travel appealing is to make the waiting not so appealing. I have the privilege of sitting for the next couple of hours waiting in the departure bit at Mascot as my trip to Plymouth becomes a reality. Like any shopping mall it is noisy here. As one with old ringing ears (too close to the speakers as a pub gig goer in my youth) I fear for the hearing of all staff in these places.

But enough about them. Today I do indeed venture forth on a pilgrimage of sorts and what better place for my destination than where the Pilgrims landed in 1620, Plymouth. Plymouth MA USA that is. Greenwood Fest awaits, ( six days of cleaving, riving, carving and gouging in the bush with a whole swag of other spoonerds from around the globe. The modern technology that allows me to write and send this around the world has also transported me back to the 17th century and introduced me to woodworking skills and techniques long long left behind in the modern work shop. I am hoping the upcoming event will help me get that workshop outside and among the trees where we can be closer to the source of the material I think we sometimes take for granted when handling those long straight and square board at our  bench or machine.

But that is a long time from now.  After a long flight it’s a couple of days in Boston and then into the bush. 90min before departure. Not long now (what’s 20 odd hours or so…?).




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